Forensic Accounting Courses

Below is a list of the types of online forensic accounting courses typically offered in the Masters in Forensic Accounting program at FAU.

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ACG 6165 Accounting and E-Commerce

Strictly speaking, this is not one of the online forensic accounting courses. Yet, this course deals with many important issues relating to the major forensic accounting courses in the program.

ACG 6475 Advanced Accounting Information Systems

The study of computerized accounting information systems with emphasis on reporting objectives, management needs, transaction trails, documentation, security, internal controls, and the integration of accounting systems in the evaluation and selection of software. Systems analysis techniques are discussed using the systems development life cycle model.

ACG 6656 Advanced Auditing Theory and Practice (3 credits)

A study of the concepts assumptions, standards, and issues related to contemporary auditing theory and practice.

ACG 6686 Accounting Fraud Examination Concepts

Overview of the nature of occupational fraud and how it is committed including an introduction to the actions that can be taken to determine the presence of occupational fraud and procedures that can be implemented to deter fraud. Also covered is the proper manner in which allegations of fraud should be investigated to meet the requirements of civil/criminal court procedure.

ACG 6687 Accounting Fraud Examination Conduct & Procedures

Emphasis on the conduct of fraud examinations, including a discussion of specific procedures used in forensic accounting examinations and the reasoning behind the use of these procedures. Coverage extends to detection, investigation, and prevention of specific types of fraud committed against organizations and individuals.

ACG 6688 Forensic Accounting and the Legal Environment

Emphasis on Federal legislation related to fraud examinations including coverage of laws that preserve the rights of individuals suspected of committing fraud and laws that govern civil and criminal prosecutions, the admittance of evidence, and the testimony of expert witnesses.

ACG 6935 Forensic Accounting, Tax Investigations and Fraud

ACG 6935 Forensic Accounting and Consulting

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